Assisting our clients to be sustainable

We create opportunities for our clients to enjoy prosperity and achieve sustainability goals with innovative ideas that embrace our sustainability principles.

GHD believes that its most significant contribution to sustainability is through the projects we work on with our clients.

The range of work we do and the clients we assist are broad, and we aim for outcomes that provide a balance of environmental benefits, community advantages and economic prudence.

The two key elements of GHD’s strategy revolve around leveraging our connected global network to put the best people we have on a project – and a client-service led culture – where we focus on partnering with our clients in the long term.

With the additional economic challenges encountered on many projects, we are finding clients are increasingly interested in innovative concepts, which helps to increase their overall sustainability.

Also, we have a strong interest in having sustainability concepts integrated into real projects. We believe this is the key next step in sustainability worldwide: to make changes in what we build and do.

  • Overall performance

  • GHD delivers projects on budget

  • GHD is accessible and responsive

  • GHD is timely

Source: GHD esurveys, FY 17/18


Investing in big ideas

GHD is accelerating organic growth by encouraging our people around the world to think big; developing new services, products and partnerships that benefit our clients, while creating new revenue streams for the business.

Our approach recognises that, in order to become successful, new opportunities often require initial funding and a risk appetite to try new things.

An example is the launch of the global GHD Digital business, spanning cybersecurity and risk, digital strategy and transformation, smart technology services, digital innovation, and data analytics.

Other initiatives launched in FY2018 include:

  • Commercial partnership with a geospatial company to automate land contamination reporting for the property sector
  • Development of industry-specific economic benchmarking tools to inform clients’ capital investment decisions
  • Strategic recruitment of specialists to expand client service offerings in flood modelling and civil infrastructure, coastal and maritime engineering, power, and operational process redesign
  • Pioneering approaches to contain and remediate/remove PFAS contamination in partnership with research organisations and equipment suppliers.
  • These growth initiatives are contributing to the future success of GHD and, even more importantly, unlocking the creative and entrepreneurial thinking of our people.

Smart Seeds

Powered by GHD with partners, Smart Seeds is a design-led global innovation program focused on complex challenges. What began as an idea to engage GHD’s vacation interns in 2012 has blossomed into a multi-national, cross-discipline program bringing together diverse groups of people to co-create integrated solutions.

In 2018, Smart Seeds broadened its reach delivering school and community programs for the first time in Australia, including participants in North Queensland, Central Australia and the Riverina region of New South Wales. These events provided a forum for local communities to collaborate and develop solutions to their most pressing challenges. In New Zealand, Smart Seeds received the ‘Christian Dahmen Memorial Award’ for Innovation at the New Zealand Human Resources Awards 2018. The award recognised our innovation program for preparing participants for the future of work and driving collaboration with local industry.

Christchurch became the third city to engage in Smart Seeds in New Zealand joining the ranks of popular programs in Auckland and Wellington. Elsewhere, Smart Seeds successfully continued programs in Canberra, Sydney, Perth and London, UK.

To help realise more great ideas from Smart Seeds in 2019, we are excited to expand the program to provide more opportunities for collaboration and prototyping following Showcase Events in each city.

Smart Seeds in Wellington Smart Seeds in Christchurch

Our Projects

Driven by a client-service led culture, we connect the knowledge, skill and experience of our people with innovative practices, technical capabilities and robust systems to create lasting community benefits.