Lightpath Cycleway, New Zealand

Lightpath Cycleway, New Zealand

Auckland’s new landmark Te Ara I Whiti (Lightpath) cycleway is providing a vital 1 km (0.62 miles) link for cyclists and pedestrians to get around the city. Converting the unused Nelson Street Off Ramp, the Lightpath includes a 160 m (525 ft) steel bridge that snakes over New Zealand’s busiest highway junction. Famous for its magenta surface, the Lightpath features Maori artwork and 290 interactive LED lights.

Metropolitan Trains Melbourne 
Asset Management, Australia

Metropolitan Trains Melbourne Asset Management, Australia

In its bid to secure a franchise extension from 2017 to 2024, Metropolitan Trains Melbourne (MTM) appointed GHD as its asset management advisor. Servicing 415,000 customers per day, MTM operates 203 six carriage trains across 830 km (515 miles), 15 lines and 218 stations. Our team evaluated the full spectrum of the asset management lifecycle, processes and practices, and independently reviewed recent audits.

Canarail Railway, Canada

Canarail Railway, Canada

A 310 km (192 miles) long railway from Sept-Îles to the Labrador Trough in Northern Québec is closer to realisation. GHD has undertaken various terrestrial and helicopter geological and geotechnical surveys, and completed the preliminary design of a series of railway tunnels to be built through the Canadian Shield rock formation. The railway will transport up to 20 M tonnes (22 M tons) of iron ore per year.

Toowoomba Outer Circulating
Road, Australia

Toowoomba Outer Circulating Road, Australia

Toowoomba’s city centre is benefiting from a new transport link designed by GHD that greatly improves traffic efficiency and mitigates floods. The Outer Circulating Road consists of a four-lane extension of Victoria Street, a new bridge as well as the doubling the Russell Street culvert structure capacity and upgrades of the West and East Creek channels. The project has won multiple awards.

Port Infrastructure, Fildes Bay,
Chilean Antarctic Territory

Port Infrastructure, Fildes Bay, Chilean Antarctic Territory

Known as the entry point to Antarctica, Fildes Bay will soon have a new port. Designed by GHD, the project includes a wharf to enable the docking of research and small tourist vessels as well as storage for vital equipment and machinery. In addition to detailed engineering design and geotechnical/topographical studies, we are providing environmental and community consultation services.

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