Safety & risk

Safety is a strategic driver and core business value at GHD. We believe that the best solution for the management of GHD's safety – as part of our internationally certified Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) system – is also the best solution for our clients.

Providing workplaces free from harm supported by a culture that promotes the safety of people and the protection of the environment is an absolute priority. GHD remains committed to measurable and continual improvements to safety.


In 2014, GHD's priority objective of maintaining and extending our leadership position in health and safety continued.

Highlights include:

  • 5.7 million hours Lost Time Injury (LTI) free
  • 89 percent reduction in Medical Treatment Incident Frequency Rate (MTIFR)
  • 15 percent reduction in LTI Frequency Rate (LTIFR)
  • 69 percent reduction in Total Incident Frequency Rate (TFR)
  • GHD's workplace Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and Quality management systems were recertified for a further three years by Lloyds Register to the relevant international standards (ISO and OHSAS)
  • With respect to risk, potential sources of events that may prevent GHD from achieving business objectives have been identified. This resulted in a revised Crisis and Emergency Management Plan



During the year, structured monitoring and reporting of key business performance targets has enabled clear minded decision making. This assists GHD’s relentless pursuit of continual improvement, providing the platform for a range of business efficiency initiatives.


In alignment with the UN’s Global Compact guidelines and other corporate governance initiatives including anti-fraud, GHD continued its journey toward greater integrity in 2014. Our efforts are managed by the GHD Integrity Management System which guides our people’s conduct. As testament to our performance, the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR) annual survey of industry and organisations has placed GHD as a Top 10 organisation for corporate social awareness and implementation.


Our focus on priority environmental targets has enabled improved resource efficiency outcomes. This includes a 22 percent reduction in electricity consumption in four years, and a 65 percent reduction in travel-related carbon with the introduction of videoconferencing. In addition, the introduction of secure printing is anticipated to reduce paper consumption by 30 percent.


For GHD, sustainability means building a successful business today and delivering value over the long term. In an organisational context the integration of social, economic and environmental considerations into core business decisions enables achievement of environmentally and socially responsible operations. As such, GHD focuses on:

  • Developing our people – We connect our people with a safe, diverse and rewarding career path
  • Contributing to our world positively – We seek to minimise our ecological impact through resource efficiency and nature conservation initiatives and by supporting communities through GHD in the Community initiatives
  • Achieving good governance – We commit to our values and policies
  • Managing our risk profile – We understand our risk appetite and manage our business accordingly
  • Assisting clients in being more sustainable – We create opportunities for our clients to enjoy prosperity and achieve sustainability goals with innovative ideas that embrace our sustainability principles

For more information please download a copy of our 2013 Sustainability Report by visiting: