Technical leadership

Our approach towards technical leadership is aligned with GHD's core purpose of creating lasting community benefits together with our clients.

We do this through a structured approach to sharing and leveraging our collective knowledge and experience across our global operations. We provide an enabling framework via our service line structure to cross-fertilise skills across the different technical disciplines. This enables coordinated multi-disciplinary thought leadership that aligns with the whole-of-life cycle of infrastructure assets. Additionally, our systems and processes provide our practitioners with a collaborative and interactive platform to work together across our varied operations.

2014 achievements

  • Held GHD Technical Conferences covering power generation and transmission, communication systems, Intelligent Transport Systems, security, water and wastewater treatment, and desalination
  • Recognised our people's technical excellence with GHD Technical Awards
  • Enhanced our global collaboration with knowledge and work-sharing tools
  • Supported an increasing number of GHD professionals undertaking leadership roles in a variety of local and international technical bodies