GHD Business School

Launched in 2005, the GHD Business School is an iconic organizational capability that underpins our technical leadership and supports our people's development and career ambitions.

By providing a combination of internal programs – such as training, seminars and conferences – as well as access to endorsed external training initiatives, the GHD Business School contributes to the high retention of our people, including graduates.

2014 achievements

  • Virtual communities of practice – We enable our practitioners to maximize the use of technology in the delivery of virtual training and in conducting virtual project and client meetings. Many of our technical groups, known as Service Lines, have utilized video connectivity technology to build more effective networks across our global practice. This has led to a more connected GHD and leverages the skills, knowledge and experience of our people irrespective of geography.
  • Training activities – During the year, we delivered 29,027 face-to-face and e-learning training activities.
  • Client service – In alignment with our commitment to client service excellence, we are instilling a business development culture in our people. This is being achieved through a series of short, targeted training modules and mentoring.