Chairman's message

At a time when our industry is seemingly in a constant state of flux, GHD has demonstrated the ability to adapt and grow, and add value for our clients.

The growth in the last 12 months is largely the result of strategic mergers including Conestoga-Rovers and Associates (CRA). This has enabled GHD to expand its reach around the world, particularly in North America and the United Kingdom. It has also deepened our service offering, especially in environmental services.


During the course of the past year, we launched our new strategy. One of the recurring themes you will see in this report is our commitment to the success of our clients and our people, and the creation of lasting community benefit.

As part of our strategy, GHD is client- service led and we deliver projects through a connected global network of talented professionals who are our competitive advantage.

In terms of our focus on client service, 2014 saw us refine our offering to clients to provide greater value. That's why we have diversified our capabilities and extended our services across the asset value chain of our clients. Additionally, we have developed an asset productivity value proposition that has resonated strongly with our clients and enabled them to maximise return on investment.

Our objective is to be a valued business partner over the long-term. Indeed, some of our clients have commented on the long association they have with key people in GHD through the life of their assets.

People and communities

GHD has become one of the world's leading 100 percent employee-owned professional services firms – a key differentiator. It is advantageous for our clients because it means our people have a proprietary interest in our performance, and it results in higher retention rates for key personnel. Many of our people have been with the company for 20+ years.

It also encourages longer term thinking and ongoing investment in the development of our people. The People section of this report highlights some of the initiatives undertaken, notably in respect to diversity and inclusion, and the professional development of our people. We empower our people to be innovative and responsive in the interests of our clients.

Although these are challenging times in some of our markets, we have continued to invest in the employment and development of graduates, again taking a long-term perspective.

Safety is paramount to GHD and our clients. The Safety & Risk section of this report details our progress in this area. Suffice to say that it is gratifying to see the progress being made.

The wellbeing of the communities in which we operate is something our people are passionate about.

Much of this is achieved with our clients, yet GHD in the Community provides a platform to support our people building relationships with causes and community organisations.

Together with our clients, we create lasting community benefit.

Russell Board, Chairman


Looking to the future, GHD remains committed to:

  • Supporting our valued clients and partners
  • Investing in the technical and business leadership of our people
  • Delivering value, innovation and safety in the projects we undertake
  • Connecting with the communities in which we work, live and play
  • Maturing and continuously improving our systems and processes to provide good governance
  • Developing and adopting technology and best practices to maximise client value

Thank you to all our clients for your continued support and to our people for their dedication and commitment to making GHD what it is today.

Russell Board