Indigenous employment

Carlsbad Desalination Project, Poseidon Water, CA, USA

Following 12 years in development, the Carlsbad Desalination Project in California is under construction and will provide San Diego County with a locally-controlled, drought-proof supply of high-quality water. Since 2008, GHD along with Butier Engineering, has played a key role in this project which is being developed by our client, Poseidon Water.

Water Ecological Civilization
Pilot Implementation Scheme

Water Ecological Civilization Pilot Implementation Scheme, Pu'er City, Yunan Province, China

GHD has assisted the water-constrained Pu’er City Government to pilot a scheme to manage water resources efficiently. This includes resource allocation, environment and ecological conservation, water-related cultural reconstruction and resource monitoring.

Hanlan Feedermain Project

Hanlan Feedermain Project, Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada

Comprising the construction of the Hanlan Feedermain (14.5 km) and the Mississauga City Centre Subtransmission Main (6 km), the Hanlan Water project is one of Canada’s top five water initiatives in terms of value. GHD has provided value engineering for the tunnel design of the 2.4 m diameter Feedermain, which adds capacity and redundancy.

Flood Study

Flood Study, Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, Qatar

To guide future development in Qatar, the Government’s Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has engaged GHD to deliver a comprehensive planning and policy level study of the country’s flood prone areas and to develop mitigation strategies. The study will be undertaken over 18 months.

Flood Study

Sustainable Resource Feasibility Studies, Townsville Enterprises, Australia

Townsville Enterprise Limited engaged GHD to undertake the North and Northwest Queensland Sustainable Resource Feasibility Studies. The objective is to inform the continued expansion and development of the area’s natural resource, agricultural and energy industries.

Asset Management, Manila Water Company, Philippines

Asset Management, Manila Water Company, Philippines

One of our long-term clients, Manila Water Company Inc., has engaged GHD to undertake an enterprise asset management project to strengthen its business. Our involvement includes providing training and workshops, implementing an asset management framework and information system strategy, as well as project management.

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