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East West Link, Linking Melbourne Authority, Australia

To provide the missing link in Melbourne’s major road network and to address the city’s poor east-west connectivity, a freeway-standard link is required. GHD has worked in partnership with the Linking Melbourne Authority to prepare a comprehensive impact statement for Melbourne’s East West Link, including specialist studies and applicable approvals documentation.

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Recreational Trails, Department of Public Works, City of San Jose, CA, USA

San Jose has one of the largest urban trail networks in the USA, with more than 35 unique trail systems spanning 80 km. The city aims to double the paved network by 2022 as part of its green vision. In partnership with Alta Planning & Design, GHD will provide as-needed engineering services for various trail projects that will address stakeholder, design and environmental issues.

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Odour Dispersion Modelling of Broiler Farms, Rural Industries Research & Development(RIRDC) Corporation, Australia

Odour dispersion modelling is used to predict odour emissions. To assess the impact on the broiler industry of the EPA’s change of preferred dispersion model to AERMOD, GHD conducted a comparative analysis of AERMOD against AUSPLUME and CALPUFF models.

Llanos del Challe National Park, Corporación Nacional Forestal, Chile

Llanos del Challe National Park, Corporación Nacional Forestal, Chile

Located on the Pacific coast of the Atacama Region, Chile, the Llanos de Challe National Park is an important coastal desert ecosystem that is home to many rare and beautiful floral and fauna species. GHD was engaged to update the park’s Environmental Management Plan, which was last revised in 1997.

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