Celebrating water innovation

Our water team in Ontario, Canada, is on a high, following recognition from industry of our contribution to some of the York Region’s most innovative water and wastewater projects.

The Glenway Reservoir and the Aurora Sewage Pump Station have won two Project of the Year Awards 2016 from the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA), while East Vaughan Pumping Station came second in the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), York Chapter Project of the Year Awards.

Throstur Gretarsson, Senior Project Manager – Water & Wastewater, says, “We are thrilled to achieve this level of recognition from our peers in the engineering and public works professions. These projects highlight our purpose of creating lasting community benefit together with our clients.”

Glenway Reservoir Expansion

The Glenway Reservoir is one of 43 storage facilities operated by the Region as part of the York Water Supply System. To meet projected growth and water demands within the Town of Newmarket, GHD undertook the Class Environmental Assessment, detailed design, contract administration, and site inspection to expand the reservoir capacity from 4.7 ML to a total of 10.5 ML.

This involved the design and construction of an AWWA D110, Type 3, pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete water tank that is the first of its kind in Ontario, able to withstand the effects of a cold climate where concrete structures are typically susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles.

Aurora Sewage Pump Station

The Aurora Sewage Pump Station is a major hub in the region's waste collection system with a firm capacity of 1,820 L/s. GHD provided the design, tender, construction, commissioning, and warranty services for the replacement of six 400 L/s sewage pumps and associated works.

The team faced unique challenges in coordinating and sequencing the work with multiple shutdowns and commissioning stages because the station needed to maintain full operation during the construction of the new pump systems and the replacement of the main transformers.

East Vaughan Pumping Station

Rated at 84 MLD, the East Vaughan Pumping Station is one of the largest facilities of this type in the York Region. GHD undertook detailed design, contract administration, site inspection, commissioning, and warranty services for the construction of this new 1900 m2 (20,450 ft2) facility in a very constrained 40 m x 140 m (130 ft x 460 ft) area.

Context-sensitive architectural design was incorporated to compliment the adjacent residential areas and Buddhist temple.